Eyewitness Gaza: a book of photographs

I began the multi-year photo project that led to this book after I’d grown successively and painfully aware of the conflicts in Palestine/Israel. My first trip with a delegation in 2003 confirmed my decision to photograph with an open heart the situation and struggles for justice, peace, and security in the Levant. Growing up Catholic seeded my desire to travel to the Holy Land and “walk in the footsteps of Jesus.” My work in South Africa during the final phase of apartheid illustrated the many parallels between apartheid there and injustice in the Levant. My escalating awareness stirred me to take some sort of action to at least quell my own outrage. And that first trip brought me face to face with the famed Mediterranean light which continues to challenge me as an artist and human being. Also, personal connections with so many Palestinians and Israelis working for justice with peace—risking their lives—encourage me to continue….

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3 thoughts on “Eyewitness Gaza: a book of photographs

  1. Dear Skip! Somthing is wrong with the mail you sent me and I don’t success to send you answer. Can you send mail again? Thank you! Amos Gvirtz


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