Gaza Comes to Massachusetts

Francis Day 2022 reflection— As part of a procession to memorial trees during the annual St. Francis Day celebration at Agape, a lay Catholic/Catholic Worker style nonviolence activist center in central Massachusetts, I offered the following reflections at a tree dedicated to suffering and resilience in the Middle East. Agape’s annual Francis Day celebration in […]

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Overview Gaza

In Gaza for 6 weeks, November 17 – December 28, 2010,  to photograph and make a movie, I write the following as my personal assessment, checked with local people. Dedicated to Anne R and Louise D …Five months [after Israel promised to ease the siege in June 2010], there are few signs of real improvement […]

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Soon Gaza

Well, now the good news, provisionally: Israel has granted me a permit to enter Gaza—for 6 months. And the international organization I will volunteer at and who applied for the permit, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is now registered. Furthermore, the Israeli District Coordinating Office (DCO) tells us they’d granted the permit 2 weeks […]

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Israel’s New Holocaust

I’ve composed a message drawn from the writing and photos about recent violence in Gaza from and by two friends who live there, Ibrahem and Yousef, trapped like their 1.5 million neighbors. We’ve worked and played together periodically over the past 3 years. My composition is inspired by their reflections about Israel pummeling Gaza with […]

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